Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas

If you are not sure where to get started choosing a color scheme for your bedroom then here is an idea to get some easy designer inspiration.

Go where bedding ensembles are sold!

Pop into your local department store and you will often see many beds on display in the bed linen department made up to show the effect of the bedding set or range when put together to best effect. They often have additional accessories such as cushions and throws to enhance the overall look.

You will usually see all the latest color schemes in bedding for the current season on display there and hopefully you’ll find plenty of inspiration if the designers have done their job well.

Select a patterned comforter or duvet cover you like. If you decide to purchase the bedding you can pick out the colors from the design for the other items in your bedroom and you will have a ready made color scheme where the bedding ties the whole look together.

Even if you decide not to buy the bedding set, you can still learn how the different colors in it work together so that you can look out for these in other (perhaps cheaper ranges) or just use the colors together in your room scheme.

If you don’t have the budget for new bedding you could use plain white or cream bedding (whichever suits the other colors more) and use the colors in your accessories and so on however you will usually find the same color trends (though not the same quality) across all prices ranges in bedding and may still be able to treat yourself to some bedding in your chosen color scheme.

If there are no large department stores in your local area, then you can do a similar exercise with online stores. Browse around those sites which have many images of the latest bedding ensembles to get some good ideas.