Home Decorating With Metal Wall Art

It has become very popular to use metal artwork for walls to liven up any wall space. Metal wall art is engaging, beautiful, and available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and prices. Metal artwork can be rustic, such as wrought iron items found in cabins and cottages, or it can be very modern.

Decorating Tips

When selecting your metal wall art, keep the look of the house in mind. Metal art can be found in varying colors, so it is quite possible to match your art to the color palette of your home. Any piece you select should not clash with existing decorations, but can either be used as a new centerpiece or as a complement to your existing decor. Remember to select something that fits with the theme of your home, you wouldn’t want to choose an ultra modern or bold piece if your going for a more relaxed feel. However, such a piece in an upscale home can really engage your visitors.

Collecting Metal Art

You may also want to consider starting a collection. There are various way you can choose which items to collect. You can pick items that fit within a certain theme. For instance, a hunters lodge could do well with wrought iron depictions of ducks, deer and bucks, trees, and other similar items. A western style ranch could collect wrought iron boots, rope and lasso depictions, or horses.

For a more modern home, you can collect by color or by theme. For instance, there are abstract designs, nature scenes, scenes from outer space, sunburst themes, and so on. There are also kitchen themes, such as coffee mugs, cupcakes, wine bottles, and grapes.

You may also want to collect items by an artist. There are several noted artists in the metal wall art category, including Nicholas Yust, Jon Allen, and Ash Carl. These artists all have very modern styles with plenty of color. They also tend to create items that have a holographic effect due to the patterns in the metal that reflect light as you move. These pieces are very good conversation starters.