Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Using the master bedroom decorating ideas that you have complied in your got to have folder is point on. You do have a got to have folder, or do you? Of course you do. When you are building your house there are just some things that are much easier to add at the time of the building process. Using unique ceiling designs in at least part of your rooms is a plus for your homes beauty. The master bedroom being one of those rooms of choice. Sometimes we build just want we want and sometimes it is just the necessary stuff. If you have the luxury of being able to add the extras then you will want to consider these 3 things you should add.

1. Do add a beautiful unique ceiling design what more important place to use unique ceiling designs than in a room where you will spend so much time. If is a place that I use for refuge on a daily basis. It can just be a place of peace and quite or a place of romance but make it a beautiful place that surrounds you with the things that bring inter peace to you.

2.?Add a master bath to die for Do include a spectacular bath in you master bedroom decorating ideas. This could be a wall in shower with lots of shower heads or a jetted tub or both. I did not think that I would like the rain shower shower head but it very nice. it comes down slowly and is very relaxing. Try one.

3.?Add a wet bar area to you list of master bedroom decorating ideas and why not is the better question. Think about those romantic nights and how great it would be to never have to leave the room. Especially to get the cool whip or a cold beer.

These are the luxuries that I dream about and you should add yours to your “got to have folder” too. the 3 things that I think a person to try avoid are listed below. that said make your own list too and be sure before you build that you at least have a list of dos and donts.

1.?Make it big enough a long list of master bedroom decorating ideas is not a bad thing because you can use them and the narrow them down to what is most important to you but making it big enough is a big decision that needs to be made before you build. Size is kinda hard to redo unless you are going smaller.

2.?Do not settle for a so so closet Have you ever noticed that you never have enough closet space so why settle for one that you know is to small. The bigger the better. I added the shelves and drawers in this house that we built and I have enjoyed a lot. If you have read my other articles you will know that I have wall words in my closet that say “Put your big girl panties on and deal with it ” and it is so true. who really cares but you so do not settle for less than you want or need when it comes to closet space.

3.?Do not settle for a hum hoe ceiling Add something spectacular to your master bedroom ceiling. If you do not know what to add at least add a beautiful ceiling fan and a hand painted ceiling medallion.

Add all the beauty to your home that you can so you can really enjoy it. It is your safe place and the place you will enjoy most in your life and remember “Your Story Begins At home” Learn to love it.