Matching Paint Colors

A house that is painted with colors that relate or complement each other throughout will give you a balanced look and feel. All artwork in your house should, in the perfect world, be used in any room of your house. When your paint colors relate to each other it is possible to mix and match accessories throughout the house.

When I talk about colors relating to each other I simply mean that each color is complementary room to room. The opposite would be if you have a green room and next to that a red room and in the next area a purple room. This kind of color selection tends to break up the feel of the house and make the rooms and the house even seem smaller and disjointed.

If your colors relate or work together your eye easily goes from room to room and they are cohesive and complement each other. When this happens all of your artwork and accessories can be used in any room in your home.

Now this does not mean that every room is painted a shade of beige, not at all. In my home I have 14 different colors or different shades of colors. My color palette in my home is deep olive greens, rust, warm taupe color and shades of these colors. I use as my accent colors purple, gold, teal and brown.

When you paint the first room make sure you are inspired by the color, being inspired means it feels good when you see it. It makes you feel happy, contented, peaceful or even joyful; it is more than just a color. When color moves you, that is an inspired color.

If you have not found your inspiration color there is a wonderful selection of paint colors found at the paint and hardware stores. The one I love the most is produced by the Olympic and the National Audubon Society they are all inspired by nature and they are amazing. The colors cover the entire spectrum of possibilities in paint color.

They provide beautiful brochures with amazing pictures of nature and then a wonderful balance of colors inspired by the pictures. For me the brochures themselves are a work of art and an easy and fun way to choose paint colors.

Remember when you are choosing color always make a sample board and put the inspiration color on the wall and live with it a couple days. Paint color changes with the light of day. Don’t be afraid to put a couple choices…I always love to have a choice.