Vintage Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in style especially vintage looks.. While wallpapering walls has been on a long hiatus, collectors have re-discovered new uses for charming and funky vintage wallpaper.

Walls can become an interesting display all by themselves even without objects. Vintage wallpaper can be used to create exciting accents to a plain and empty wall.

One of the best ways to replicate a particular type of cottage style is to bring original colors, patterns, and textures into the room. You can buy vintage wallpaper or reproductions of older patterns being made for today’s consumer. Here is what you can do with wallpaper or vintage fabric.

– Frame fireplaces and window walls with wallpaper.
– Use novelty papers (lighthouses, sailboats, sea shells) in bathrooms in beach cottages.
– Frame smaller pieces of nursery themed wallpaper. Most repeats are 18″ and 19″ tall, within that repeat there could be several images that could be individually framed to make a grouping.
– Paper half of a wall and incorporate wainscoting or a chair rail.
– Use wallpaper in the kitchen as a backsplash accent between the counter tops and cabinets.
– Use a matte sealer to the wallpaper after hanging to protect the surface from spills and slashes. – Select vibrant botanicals from the 1950s look great in retro cottage homes or mixed with wicker. – Cover room screens with florals, botanicals, and other vintage wallpaper patterns.
– Line the drawers of vanities, desks, old dressers, etc. with small patterned papers in soft colors… very romantic cottage.

Lining Drawers, Shelves & Room Dividers with Wallpaper & Fabric

Wallpaper (and fabric) is not just for walls. Wallpaper is ideal to line your drawers, cabinets, shelves, room screens, armoires, etc. Spruce up some old drawer interiors with some pretty paper.